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Your customers have always been your priority. Enhance your CSI by shielding them from Pathogens, Allergens, Odors, and Mold. 

Customer Health First

At the core of every business are its infrastructure and people. Both need to be rigorously maintained and nurtured. However, in today’s world, nurturing comes in a different form: safety.

The safety of your facility and people are paramount to success, and PAD Company has your solution. Our non-toxic, effective, and rapid-response solution eliminates 99.999% of pathogens without needing a long set time.





Kills Mold

Kills Allergens

Kills Odors

Kills Bacteria

Kills Viruses

Automotive Services

Showroom Floor

Common Areas

Service Drive & Bays


Customer Lounges

Break rooms




You have questions? We have answers. Please feel free to read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions from our customers. If you still need help finding an answer, chat with us and we will be happy to get an expert on the line with you.

Is this toxic?

No, our solution is non-toxic. It is certified by the EPA and NSF - two independent Government Agencies - for purity, potency, and is 100% harmless to human skin contact or even food-contact surfaces.

What viruses and bacteria does the product kill?

PAD's partnership with Vital Solutions gives us the bleeding edge in Disinfection Services in Automotive. The product kills COVID-19, Ebola, Swine Flu (H1N1), Ecoli, Staphyloccocus, and much more. For a complete list, please click here

Will it cause discoloration?

No, the patented formula will not bleach or change the color of anything it comes in contact, and regardless of the set time. It is not bleach-based product.

Will the spray damage the interior of the vehicle?

No, the spray is completely safe for all soft fabrics including but not limited to: leather, carpets, cloth, drapery, rugs, linens, etc. 

Is it safe on Display Panels?

Yes, completely safe for Display Panels.

Will it leave residue on the windshield or the windows?

It may leave some very fine dust particles (not visible), (it may be wiped off after 10-15 minutes)

How Long until the customer can get back into the car?

We recommend that one waits 10 minutes prior to having the customer take delivery or return to their vehicle.

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Our process is simple: spray every square inch of your facility and ensure a disinfection rate from 99.999% of all harmful pathogens, allergens, mold or odors. From common areas to bathrooms, the Service Drive to the Showroom floor, or the new and pre-owned vehicle inventory - PAD has a process for all of it. 

OUR Solution


PAD Co. is committed to delivering a truly unique disinfecting solution to our customers. Our use of stabilized chlorine dioxide allows us to deliver a 99.999% kill rate while it being non-toxic to humans, pets, and food-contact surfaces.

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